A Puget Sound Exorcism?

At Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, most days are fairly standard regardless of whether we service our residential or commercial clients. But it only takes one phone call to shift our standard services into the world of unique.

Sometimes we get asked to do unique projects and some of them are really out of the ordinary. When it comes to our commercial clients, our facility maintenance services are fairly standard – maintaining an existing facility to keep it running in top condition. However, several years ago, on an early Sunday morning when the phone rang and I recognized the number. It was a property manager for our largest commercial account, a bank. My first thought was, this can’t be good. What has happened from the close of business on Saturday afternoon until now– early Sunday morning? Some of the “normal” weekend calls would be for a toilet that had been running and is now over-flowing, a rock thrown through a window and emergency board up services needed, or a vehicle too tall to pass clearly through the drive thru resulting in half the drive-up canopy hanging by a thread. This was a one of a kind service request, not a “standard” after-hours emergency call. This call was to remove the devil! “Remove the devil?” I questioned as the property manager…

Overnight, a graffiti “artist” had created a larger than life, 8 foot tall “art” piece on the side of the bank of an all red, subject matter – the devil. Perform an exorcism? Now that was a request we have never been asked to do in 33 years of professional construction services in the greater Puget Sound area. But our team was on it! Our on-call team for the weekend was dispatched and notified that they would be “fighting the devil”, aka graffiti removal. The image was offensive and the size was overwhelming, but our team of professionals was able to get the graffiti image completely removed within a few hours without leaving any residue or traces of the image.

Regardless of what the after hours call is, our team of highly skilled professional carpenters and painters can address just about any facility need. Our crews work during regular business hours as well as after- hours and weekend work because our client’s needs are many. Next time your facility needs a paint job, a tenant improvement, a re-designed layout for an office, mitigation of ground water away from the building, a proof patch or failed sealants replaced (just to name a few services offered), give us a call, we are available to address your needs. Now we haven’t seen the devil in years, but we have come across other graffiti tagging on buildings and have worked to remove them as soon as we get the call.

Until the next funny story in the Adventures of Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and
do good.