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No Request is too much for Wheeler!

All the crew members at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services are amazing people who are highly-skilled at what they do. They are the type of people who would give you the shirt off their back or do anything they possibly could while working on your project to make the experience a good one. We always […]

The Puffy White Envelope

As a full service general contractor,  Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services offers many diverse services to our clients. Restoration work due to fire, smoke or water damage; new siding, windows and doors, bath room and kitchen remodels, interior and exterior painting , drywall and insulation, waterproofing, concrete work and parking lot striping just to name […]

Sharing is Caring!

We really appreciate our residential clients who treat our crew members so kindly; a cup of coffee at morning break or a pizza for the crew at lunch while they are working on their project. Now none of this is necessary or expected at all, but it is always a nice boost in the day […]

No “inside” job here!

When I say that our professionals are dedicated and will work through anything, I mean anything. One of our longstanding commercial clients is a bank with many locations in western Washington.  For our banking client we perform a wide variety of projects.  We could be involved in a re-branding, providing a cosmetic upgrade of carpet, […]

Emergency Parking Lot Services

One of the services offered at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services is parking lot striping. Many of our commercial accounts; banks, schools, office buildings, restaurants, etc. have used our parking lot striping services.  Over time existing striping fades and needs re-application of paint or maybe the client is looking to add ADA parking stalls or […]

A Puget Sound Exorcism?

At Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, most days are fairly standard regardless of whether we service our residential or commercial clients. But it only takes one phone call to shift our standard services into the world of unique. Sometimes we get asked to do unique projects and some of them are really out of the […]

Like Bugs to a Light…

As a commercial contractor we encounter many interesting situations – day and night. Several of our commercial accounts use our services for facility maintenance – handling a wide variety of projects, some of which require our services after hours. One would think that when the sun goes down and all is quiet within the Seattle […]

Make it a fair fight…

As a contractor that has commercial clients, many times our professional carpenters and painters will need to work nights in order to accommodate the client’s schedule to have the business open and running during regular business hours. We have several large commercial banks with multiple sites throughout Western Washington that we work for and our […]

“No thank you- I don’t drink coffee”

To all you coffee drinkers out there, you know the value of being well caffeinated particularly for project meetings. Oftentimes, in the construction industry for larger commercial projects, there is a preliminary meeting for subcontractors with the general contractor and client. Many times there are new faces and other subcontractors at these meetings that we […]

Unexpected Surprises are Nothing for Our Interior Painters

Our team of highly-skilled, professional painters have come across many situations throughout the years. Commercial work presents different issues than residential work and one is not better or easier than the other- just different. Before work begins on a project, the project manager has been onsite,  has had meetings with the client, and noted any […]