Does your Home need a “New Dress or Shoes”?

It is that time of year for exterior painting.  The season here in the Pacific Northwest can start in late April or early May if we have a dry spring, but many times we don’t swing into high gear with exterior painting until after the 4th of July.   The exterior painting season continues well into October and many times early November.  Commonly, when a client reaches out to us to schedule a complimentary onsite appointment for measurements to be taken and to discuss color options, they call and inform our office that they are looking to get a quote to have their exterior painted or something along these lines. 

Our project managers will come out and take a look at a client’s exterior.  Inspect for areas of rot that may need to be replaced, look at the condition of the existing sealants and caulking.  A discussion is had about exterior contents that will need to be moved away from the house and vegetation that will need to be cut back as well before work begins.  Often times, if a client is unsure of colors, the project manager can provide suggestions, show pictures of recently completed project or direct the client to paint companies like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore for more inspiration.  At the time of the initial meeting with the client, our project managers take as much time as needed to gain all the information we need for the project as well as explain in detail what the client can expect through the exterior painting process.   Most clients are not home when our professional painters are working, so a project manager will discuss details like access to the back yard, security of pets, what to expect each day for progress and scope of work.  The flow of work is reviewed with the client from power washing, to masking, to prep work to the actual paint application.  We like to have these in-depth conversations with potential clients so they understand the value they are getting when they hire Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services to be their professional painting contractor.

A few years ago, a client was referred to our company.  This is one of the best ways for us to acquire a new client since a referral comes with a positive experience.  Typically it is a friend, family member, or maybe a business associate that has had a great experience with our professional crew and passes our name along so others can experience the great services we offer.  The phone rings and on the other end is a wonderful lady, very excited, explaining that “her girl” is having a birthday and needs a new dress and a pair of shoes.  I was totally thrown off when I took the call.  I thought to myself we are in the construction industry, not the fashion industry.  I started to explain that I thought the caller had the wrong number or maybe there had been some miscommunication, but we were a painting company, not a fashion company.  The caller responded with perfect, we were just what she needed.  It took a little more time on the phone for me to figure out that “her girl” was the client’s old home and the home was going to be celebrating 100 years that coming summer.  The client wanted a new exterior paint job for the house, therefore equating it to a “new dress”.  I was on board and understood what we could help the client with.  I was still a bit confused as the client also mentioned that “her girl” also needed a “new pair of shoes”.  Come to find out the historic home had wonderful curb appeal, but also had a small retaining wall in the front of the house that needed some attention in order to refresh.  This retaining wall, the shoes, needed some cleaning, concrete patching and a new coat of specialty paint.  All of this was certainly something we could do, I just needed to get up to speed with the terminology the client was using and translate that into the services we offer.  A new dress and a new pair of shoes equaled an exterior painting job and restoration of the front retaining wall.  

Bring our client’s projects to life is what we do.  To provide the client with a professional job, a great experience with our company, and quality craftsmanship is what we are all about.  It took me a hot minute to translate the excitement of the client into specific services that we offer, but once I got on her page, our team of professional painters were able to provide a beautiful “new dress” and a “new pair of shoes” for a great client.  We have gone on to perform many projects on this historic home over the years and “she” is a beauty.  So regardless if you need a “new dress”, a “new pair of shoes”, a kitchen remodel, a bathroom makeover, or an addition to your home, we are the team for you.  

Let us know if you have a project, we would love the opportunity to do an amazing job for you, on time and on budget. 

Until the next funny story of the Adventures at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and do good.