No “inside” job here!

When I say that our professionals are dedicated and will work through anything, I mean anything.

One of our longstanding commercial clients is a bank with many locations in western Washington.  For our banking client we perform a wide variety of projects.  We could be involved in a re-branding, providing a cosmetic upgrade of carpet, paint and fixtures or we could be involved in replacing a sewage pumping system for an older branch.  There is always a wide variety of work that we perform for our many clients. 

Several years ago, we were tasked with replacing the complete sewage pumping system for an older bank branch that involved several days of working in the basement level of the branch.  There was an interior back stairwell from which our crews would access the area of work in the basement.  Since our crews had been working on replacing the system for over a week, the bank employees basically forgot that we were onsite working.  Our crews were so forgotten that when the branch was robbed during the middle of the day, the bank staff failed to inform the police that we were working in the basement.  When the crew came upstairs from the back stairwell, they were met with a half dozen police with their guns drawn.  Both groups, our crew and the police, were startled by the presence of each other.   The police did full round of questioning with our employees and determined that we had nothing to do with the robbery.  No “inside” job here!  Due to the investigation and the fact that the FBI was brought in, our team was asked to quickly tie up loose ends and then leave the bank for the remainder of the day.  Nothing like getting off work early for the day because the FBI said so.  Many of our employees have been with us 15 – 20 years, so you can imagine everyone has a few stories to share about some of the more unique things we come up against.

This was our one and only time of dealing with the FBI while on a job site, but one never knows what the day is going to bring.  But as a customer of Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, our clients KNOW that they are getting highly skilled craftsmen, professional quality work, timely schedule and rates that fit in the budget.  

Does your facility need some attention to details or perhaps a complete tenant improvement project?  Give us a call and let’s see how we can work together to cover all your needs.

Until the next funny story in the Adventures at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and do good.