No Request is too much for Wheeler!

All the crew members at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services are amazing people who are highly-skilled at what they do. They are the type of people who would give you the shirt off their back or do anything they possibly could while working on your project to make the experience a good one. We always encourage our people to go above and beyond and go the extra mile for our clients. In all of our 33 years of business, I have never had an employee call and ask me “how far is too far”? Let me set up the situation for you.

When performing work for one of our commercial clients, a bank, our job foreman was required to check out a key for access into the bank because the work day was going to extend into the evening hours. Normally, the job foreman hands off their ID to the bank manager and they record who is “checking out” a key for access.

On one occasion, our team was going to stay late and continue their work in the back area of the bank after business hours. According to protocol, the job foreman went to find the branch manager to show his ID so a key could be checked out. When the job foreman found the branch manager she asked if he could leave his ID on her desk as she needed to go find a spare access key and would return his ID to him when she brought him the key. Sounded good to job foreman and there were a few items that the crew was working on that he could assist with while waiting for the key and his ID. After about 15 minutes, the job foreman decided to return to the branch manager’s office to pick up the key and his ID. He had assumed that the manager had gotten sidetracked and he wanted to make sure he had the key and ID before the bank employees started leaving for the day.

On his way to the manager’s office he noticed a large disturbance in the bank lobby. There was a woman who appeared to be homeless who was insisting that she could stay the night in the bank lobby. She was very loud and making a very large disturbance. The manager was trying to get the woman to leave the branch, called the police and told the woman to leave before the police arrived. As the police were pulling into parking lot, with lights and sirens going. The woman causing all the drama got spooked and on her run out the side door, she grabbed the job foreman’s ID off the manager’s desk and knocked all the paperwork on the ground. Here stood our job foreman in the lobby of a bank watching his ID “run out the door”. The police were able to detain the woman in the parking lot and managed to wrestle the ID out of her hands and return it to our job foreman. Shortly after all the drama, the job foreman called and asked me “how far is too far when going the extra mile for the client?” He relayed the whole story to me and after we both had a good laugh, I answered his question and said, “Giving up your “identity”, who you are, for a client – is just too far”.

We both laughed again, saying you just can’t make up crazy stuff like this. All of us at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services do amazing work for our clients, provide great solutions to all kinds of problems. We work hard every day to meet all sorts of challenges and client needs. If you have a project you need assistance with, give us a call. We are always happy to help out.

Until the next funny story in the Adventures at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and do good.