Sharing is Caring!

We really appreciate our residential clients who treat our crew members so kindly; a cup of coffee at morning break or a pizza for the crew at lunch while they are working on their project. Now none of this is necessary or expected at all, but it is always a nice boost in the day for the crew.

However, on a recent project we had a client announce that they (the clients) had inadvertently shared head lice with the crew. Now most of our crew has short hair, but many also have full beards. You can only imagine the amount of scratching that was going on that day. The job foreman called the office to report the news. The job foreman was given the ability to make the decision to stay on the job with the crew or to pull off and call it a day. The crew, all men on that day, decided if COVID didn’t take us out or shut us down, then they could handle head lice too!

Good news, none of the guys picked up lice but decided wearing hats for the remainder of the project would be a smart move. What was this “head-lice” project? The professional carpenters and painters were on site to install all new flooring throughout an occupied house for the client as well as painting all the walls and ceilings. There was also some restoration work to address as a result of old water damage, improve the water pressure in the master shower, upgrade kitchen cabinet hardware and other handyman fixes the client requested. Working in an occupied space can be challenging, but our professional crews work very well with the clients in coordinating the “dance”. Team Wheeler came into this project and moved all the clients contents, one area at a time, removed the exiting flooring and carpeting and prepped the areas for new LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank. After the new flooring was installed, the walls and ceiling were painted and all the contents put back in place.

Our professional painters and carpenters work very hard to accommodate client’s needs when we are working in their occupied. home. We take into consideration a client’s schedule, pets, children, if the client works from home, etc. It is rare that the client has the luxury of moving out of their home when our team is hired to perform work. So with much communication and attention to detail we successfully complete projects on time and on budget while working with the client as they live and operate their home.

It is certainly not expected or required to “share” with our field team. In the event that a client would like to provide our team with something, we would like to kindly request that head lice not be on that list. No one ever plans for those life circumstances that come up, but our crews handled it like champs! We truly appreciate all of our clients and we work very hard to exceed their expectations. On time and under budget is our goal on every new project. Until the next funny story in the Adventures at Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and do good.