Unexpected Surprises are Nothing for Our Interior Painters

Our team of highly-skilled, professional painters have come across many situations throughout the years. Commercial work presents different issues than residential work and one is not better or easier than the other- just different. Before work begins on a project, the project manager has been onsite,  has had meetings with the client, and noted any issues that the crew should be aware of to ensure the production crew has a smooth running project. Just ask our painters about the process, the products to be used, or even the timeline and they are on it and can provide great insight to a project. However, when a residential client unexpectedly answered the door in her bra and panties, our team members were flustered! This experience happened on a residential project, several years ago, but it’s still a story we all talk about today.

The crew of 3 arrived on the project and the job foreman approached the front door and knocked. Of course when the client answered the door very casually in her bra and panties, the job foreman was beyond embarrassed and didn’t even know what to say. The other two crew members were busy unloading the vehicles and the job foreman was stuck there at the front door with very intense eye contact. The client did not act as if anything was usual and welcomed the team in like nothing was up. After showing the crew to the rooms where the painting was to be done, she excused herself to finish getting ready for the day. There was an awkward silence – the crew not knowing what to say or think. So the team just moved forward with getting to the task at hand – painting. The client left to go to work for the day and I seem to recall it was some time after lunch before the crew broke out in laughter and the jokes started flying. The job foreman was the only one of the 3 professional painter’s onsite that day who was married. The joking was not about the client, but rather should girlfriends and the wife be brought in on the “revelation” of the day.

Interior, residential painting is a very straight forward process for our team of professional painters. Contents are moved out of the way, the flooring is covered, light switches removed, light fixtures removed and then walls and ceiling are prepared for paint (hole or crack repairs). Our standard is to apply two coats of paint to all surfaces to be painted; walls, ceiling, millwork, doors, etc. After all painting is complete, the area is put back together – window blinds re-hung, switch plate covers installed, can light
trim rings installed, masking removed and contents reset. The bra and panty greeting by no means is a regular occurrence for our crew. The crew made the collective decision to start at 8:30 am instead of 8 am for the remainder of the project, in order to give the client plenty of time to make a good outfit selection for the day. No matter what your painting project may be, we are confident our crew of professional painters can handle it, even if it comes with a bra and panty greeting.

Until the next funny story in the Adventures of Wheeler Painting and Restoration Services, be well and do good.